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Tiia Strandén appointed as new director of FILI

Leena Lahti :: Monday, 06 February 2017 14:12

The Board of the Finnish Literature Society has appointed Tiia Strandén to be the director of FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange as of 1 February.

Tiia Strandén has worked at FILI since 2011 and been the acting director since August 2016.

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FILI esittelee kääntäjiä

Leena Lahti :: Monday, 30 January 2017 14:40

FILI esittelee 100 Suomen kirjallisuuden kääntäjää nettisivuillaan FILIn 40- ja Suomen 100-vuotisjuhlavuoden kunniaksi! Suomeksi ja ruotsiksi julkaistavia pieniä haastatteluita ilmestyy kaksi viikossa.

Lue haastatteluita

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Literary Awards 2016

Leena Lahti :: Tuesday, 20 December 2016 19:31

Late autumn has been a busy time for literary prizes.

The Helsingin Sanomat Literature Prize for the best literary début was won by Hanna Weselius for her novel Alma! (WSOY, 2016). Read more about the book at the Bonnier Rights Finland website.

The Finlandia Prizes were awarded, like last year, at a gala in late November. Each prize is worth 30,000 EUR.

The Finland Prize for Literature was won by Jukka Viikilä for his debut novel Akvarelleja Engelin kaupungista ('Watercolours from the City of Engel') (Gummerus).

Winner of the Finlandia Prize for Children and Young Adults was Juuli Niemi, for her novel Et kävele yksin ('You Won’t Walk Alone') (WSOY).

The Finlandia Prize for Non-Fiction was won by Mari Manninen for her book Yhden lapsen kansa ('Nation of One Child') (Atena).

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New literary agency in Finland

Leena Lahti :: Tuesday, 20 December 2016 12:19

Three independent publishers in Finland have jointly launched the Helsinki Literary Agency to represent their foreign rights.

The agency will officially open on January 9, 2017 under the direction of Urpu Strellman, and will bring together three publishing houses: Gummerus Publishers, Schildts & Söderströms and Teos Publishers, whose authors the agency will initially serve.

The Stilton Literary Agency of Finland will cease operation by the end of January 2017, as its founder wishes to concentrate on her work as a music theatre director. Stilton will continue to operate normally in the other Nordic countries.

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2016 Finnish State Award for Foreign Translators goes to Norwegian translator Turid Farbregd

Leena Lahti :: Thursday, 27 October 2016 11:16

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Finland’s Minister of Education and Culture, has awarded the Finnish State Award for Foreign Translators to Turid Farbregd of Norway.

Turid Farbregd’s career as a translator of Finnish literature into Norwegian spans several decades, with an increase in pace in the 2010s leading to several books published in her translation in a single year, including titles by Sofi Oksanen, Antti Tuomainen and Pajtim Statovci. Turid Farbregd has brought these contemporary writers’ works to Norwegian readers and demonstrated her versatility as a translator, turning her hand to historical novels, crime fiction and even dramatic scripts.

These books have found a readership and achieved success in Norway. Turid Farbregd’s translation of Katja Kettu’s novel Kätilö (“The Midwife”, Norwegian title Jordmora) received the award for Translated Book of the Year in Norway, while the first print run of Tommi Kinnunen’s Neljäntienristeys (“Where Four Roads Meet”, Norwegian title Der fire veier møtes) sold out immediately. In a review of Farbregd’s translation of a novel by Juha Itkonen, one Norwegian newspaper declared that Finnish literature was in the midst of a golden age.

Congratulations, Turid!

Read more on FILI's website

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FILI's translators-in-residence selected

Leena Lahti :: Tuesday, 18 October 2016 10:05

FILI’s translators-in-residence for next year have been selected. The translators chosen to take part are Mattias Huss, who is translating Elina Hirvonen’s novel Kun aika loppuu ('When Time Runs Out' ) into Swedish, and Jesper Kirstorp, who is Kjell Westö’s Danish translator.

The translators will spend their residency next March at Villa Eläintarha in Helsinki.

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FILI's translator-in-residence programme: apply before 10 October!

Leena Lahti :: Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:12

FILI has its own residency programme for foreign translators of Finnish literature. The next three-week residence period is scheduled from 27 February to 19 March 2017.

The residency programme covers travel, accommodation and a stipend of 750 euros.

Next year’s residencies will be held at Villa Eläintarha in Helsinki, where FILI makes rooms available to translators. This idyllic nineteenth century villa is located on the shore of Töölönlahti Bay, a short distance from the city centre. The villa is owned by the City of Helsinki, and other artists’ residencies are also held there.

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